Built something new
Built an app
Launched a side project
Published an Open Source Library
Designed an app
Making list apps is just a pasttime for developers. My version is grocery lists.

My ideal grocery app would just let me grab recipes from anywhere on the internet and be smart enough to boil all the ingredients down to a single list for shopping day.

It started with an open-source ingredient merging library I harvested out of an old side project: ingredient-merge. From there, the rest should be simple - just create an interface for it! And for the most part, it was.

But then I started thinking - what if I start on my laptop and move to my phone? Do I really want to host a database for this?

I love a good challenge, so I started digging into peer-to-peer and distributed solutions. After trying a few I found a lightweight little library called bugout which is easy to use and super clever. It uses bittorrent as a signalling service for WebRTC!

This was a fun project, and best of all it was well-scoped. Unlike a lot of my ideas, I finally got to a point of satisfaction at which I got to say, "yeah, it's what I wanted it to be."

Of course these days I'm using Paprika or just winging it at the grocery store. But you know, what matters is learning! Perhaps someone else will find a use for ingredient-merge, too.